Data-driven and Smart Government


Data Analysis & Reporting

Simplify and streamline the collection, analysis, and communication of complex information, driving efficiency and visibility across your government.

Open Data & Transparency

Make data more useful, unlock economic potential, and achieve compliance with Open Data.

Plan Spending

Modernize your planning, streamline your supplier finding, reduce risk when contracting and make public procurement more efficient.


Centralize Data

Break down data silos across your teams and increase efficiency with an integrated end-to-end system.

Save Time

Visualize your data easily with simple and compelling tools .

Broad community engagement

Make data useful to everyone and empower civic and businesses participation.

Tell your story with data

Transform raw data into intuitive charts, graphs, maps, and more to drive accountability and improve understanding among all parties.

Commit to greater transparency

Build trust through stakeholder engagement and transparency.

Improve Decision-Making and Reduce Risk

Improve outcomes knowing every relation between public buyers and companies.


Data Integration and Upload

Secure connections on your data, that can be automatically transferred to GOVWISE´s platform.

Data Processing

After the data from various sources is uploaded it is sorted, combined, and analyzed together.

Viewing Data

Decision makers profit from the processed data in form of KPIs, analyses, forecasts, and automated reports.