Terms and conditions


  1. Transmit accurate and correct information requested at the time of access or subscription to one of the GOVWISE services, as well as in any interaction or contact with GOVWISE. The omission or inaccuracy of the information provided by the CUSTOMER is entirely his responsibility.

  2. Guarantee its collaborators / users, within the scope of the services agreed or subscribed, follow upon the technical procedures or indications transmitted by GOVWISE.

  3. Use access to the services or information contained in the GOVWISE software in compliance with these Terms and Conditions, with respect for the law, namely the rights of personality and intellectual property, as well as the principles of public order, good customs and correct commercial practices, as well following applicable laws and regulations.

  4. Do not use any technology that allows access, or try to access, through GOVWISE software, information or data encoded / protected by username and password, or other secret codes.

  5. Do not jeopardize the security of the network, in particular by sending or transmitting viruses, worms or other bugs through GOVWISE software or other techniques that could jeopardize its performance.

  6. To make good use of GOVWISE software, namely, not to simultaneously access the same user in different internet browsers in the same company;

  7. Not to disclose the content, conditions, technical procedures or information delivered by GOVWISE directly or indirectly related to the service agreement.

  8. Not to reproduce the information consulted or accessed, in any way, without authorization and indication or express reference of GOVWISE. This is totally applicable to the intention of marketing or commercializing it, in any way or form.

  9. Maintain secrecy and non-transferability of the username and password, or other secret codes and ensure their non-communication, copying or disclosure, regardless the way or form.

  10. To communicate, within a maximum of 24 hours, anomalies or unlawfulness that he or she has become aware, including loss, transmission or any violation of his or her username, password, or any other secret code.

  11. Provide, free of any encumbrances and in accordance with legal or other applicable regulations, the advertisement contents (banners, buttons or other), brands, logos or other highlights that are the CUSTOMER´s full sole responsibility, reserving GOVWISE the right to immediately withdraw such content from its software, namely by means of judicial decision, or an equivalent decision taken by a competent entity, or autonomously when it is detected the violation of these Terms.

  12. Recognize that it is the CUSTOMER´s responsibility to research information and work on it, according to the type of service contracted.

  13. Consider that the GOVWISE´s email notifications may be subject to several factors (full mailbox, anti-virus blocking, specific spam blocking programs, considered junk, etc.) that prevents their delivery.

  14. Recognize that since sending automatic emails is subject to several factors that may influence their delivery to the recipient. In case of not receiving automatic user activation emails and subscription confirmation within a maximum of 24 hours the CUSTOMER should contact GOVWISE.

  15. Recognize that the CUSTOMER is responsible for the information that is published about his company in the GOVWISE software, and the CUSTOMER shouldn´t publish information that is misleading, abusive, racist, sexual, political, moral or ethical.

  16. Acknowledge and accept that GOVWISE implements the controls it may identified as necessary, in result of analyzes carried out in the framework of the information security and business continuity management systems (namely risk analysis, complaints management, incidents management and their impacts). This measure is intended to help GOVWISE software users, ensuring they are able to perform their actions in the system.

  17. Recognize that GOVWISE software can be used autonomously and does not require remote or face-to-face support.

  18. Acknowledge that the GOVWISE software can be interruption due to the need to carry out conservation, maintain, or any other type of alteration in the GOVWISE software, and for such period as it deems necessary, for any technical, administrative, majeure-force or others. GOVWISE shall not be liable or accountable for any suspension or interruption of access that may occur due to non-attributable causes.

  19. Recognize that after purchasing any Service / Pack on the GOVWISE´s website, the corresponding services will only be active through payment or direct debit agreement.

  20. Recognize that GOVWISE software works with large amounts of legally collected data, but does not include the entire universe of data of the public sector, and therefore the trends, forecasts and reports exposed in GOVWISE software can be conditionate or erroneous.

  21. Recognize that the CUSTOMER ir responsible for the veracity of the information transmitted during the registration.

  22. Ensure the correct termination of your work session when you “Exit” the software GOVWISE confirming the success in any application.

  23. Recognize that you accept the terms and conditions that could be communicated by GOVWISE through various means (service and / or e-mail and / or newsletter) and as well will be available through the footer address on the GOVWISE website.

  24. To provide the necessary applications for accessing the GOVWISE software, recognizing that the contracted Internet service provider could be responsible for lack of speed and performance at the time of the action in the GOVWISE software. The system interacts with various local factors such as computer, user’s local network, bandwidth, over which GOVWISE has no responsibility and naturally impeded to monitor them, as well the combination of different operating systems, internet browsers and other components that may preclude the normal use of GOVWISE software.

  25. Recognize that, pursuant to paragraph d), number 5 of art. 42 of Law 96/2015, in Portugal the CUSTOMER is informed of the need to activate the TLS functionality in the internet browser, by accessing “options” of the internet browser used to activate the TLS option.